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Many people today enjoy
re-enacting the past glories of archery.

Bushmen still hunt with bows and arrows. Their bows are 3 feet long. Their arrows have poison on the tips but use no feathers.

Beam me up Scottie
"Dianna" was a Goddess


The spirit of our ancestors is alive and well at Basically Bows Archery.

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The English longbow was called the Welsh longbow.
The English adopted the longbow after the Welsh beat them up with it.
The English longbow is ambidextrous. It has NO prejudice.
The Earl was heard to say "Gadzooks methinks this a fine weapon".

The oldest arrowheads are 64,000 years old and were found in South Africa in the Sibudu Cave. It's just down the road from Buwana Jim's.

Flint arrowheads have been found from 16,000 BC bound with animal sinew and on split wood shafts.

From Sicily we have a hip bone dated from 11,000 BC that has a flint arrow head embedded in it. No doubt the first mafia hit.

Oetzi, also known as The Iceman was shot in the back with a flint arrowhead 5,300 years ago. He also had tattoos, a longbow and a full quiver of arrows.

In 2,800 BC the first composite bows were developed using fish bladder glue.

Did you know Spartan King Leonidas and all his Spartans died under a volley of Persian arrows?

In 53 BC at the Battle of Carrhae 20,000 Romans were killed in one day by Parthian arrows.

The great Viking king Harold Hadrada was killed by an arrow to the throat at the battle of Stanford Bridge.

King Harold of England was hit in the eye by an arrow at the Battle of Hastings.

Did you know King Saul and his sons were all killed in battles with bows?

Did you know that Richard The Lion Hearted died from an infected arrow wound?
So don't shoot yourself in the foot, it could hurt.

Did you know Henry The V was shot in the face in the Battle of Shrewsbury.

Henry The VIII had a fabled passion for archery.
Queen Victoria's favourite sport was archery and she also smoked marijauna
but that's another story.

Bamboo is nature's carbon fibre - tough and resilient. Before fiberglass Howard Hill used bamboo backed bows.
Bamboo can't be beat.

Hickory is a great bow wood and was used by eastern Native Americans.

Lars Anderson
A New LEVEL of Archery
Nothing is impossible - Have Fun

Asia has a great tradition of archery.

Babylonian Archers
There are hundreds of examples of archery in antiquity.
From our Toronto based store Basically Bows Archery sells archery supplies for experienced archers and beginners. We also sell every piece required for the experienced archery enthusiast to build your own bows, strings and arrows.
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