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Bow Building Tools
Floor Tillered Staves
Tiller to Your Desired Weight
Finish or Stain To Your Own Taste
Sinew Horn or Fibreglass
Do Your Own Thing shape It To Your Style
Get Away From the Rat Race - Escape to Bowland
Bow Building Materials

Ishi "The Last Wild Indian" Making a Bow
Ishi preferred mountain Juniper to make a bow.
He then backed his bows with sinew and sometimes with rawhide.

Julian Dyer produced a beautiful handmade English longbow using our bow making supplies.

BB 003B
FastFlex Bamboo Center Core
For Tri Lams
Barrel Tapered


BB 003A
FastFlex Bamboo
Core Heat Treated
1/8" Thick


Hickory Bow Handle Blank
1 5/8" x 1" x 8"


Bamboo Backed Hickory Floor Tillered Stave
72" L x 1 3/8 w x 11/16" Tip x 1" Thick
Comes with Stringer and String
All Glued Up & Ready To Tiller


Parts Kit
Everything You Need
You Glue It Up


Hickory Belly Core Stave
This stave must be backed.
1 1/2" x 1" x 72"

You can sinew-back staves to increase power, strength and create primitive style bows.

L 050
Floor Tillered Hickory Staves
Comes with String & Tillering String
1 7/16 Wide x 1/2" tip


Pyramid Floor Tillered Staves
60" Ambidextrous
2.5" at Widest Tapers to 1"


E 008
Floor Tillered Stave
72" Bamboo Backed Hickory Trilam Longbow Stave
1" to 1/2" wide x 1 11/16" thick
If you ever make a bow from this stave you will fall in love with it.

Hickory Stave
72" x 1 5/8" x 1" thick
This stave must be backed with hickory or bamboo to make a bow.

Warbow Trilam Parts Kit
You Glue It Up

E 008
Trilam Parts Kit
You Glue It Up


L 002
Hickory Floor Tillered Stave
Comes with Stringer and String

archery bow making kit
BK 003
Deluxe Hickory Flat Bow Kit
Comes With:
Stave - Tillering Stick - Scraper - String & Stringer


Trilam Parts Kit
Can be used for Relex Deflex or a flatbow

Tillering Boot
Allows you to begin tillering your bow until you you can cut the string nocks in.


Trilam Relex Deflex Parts & Form Kit

Backing Materials

Carbon Strip


Black Fiberglass
72" Long
1.5" x .030" $21.95
1.75" x .030" $22.95
1.75" x .040" $25.95

Clear Fiberglass
72" Long
1.5" x .030" $23.95
1.5" x .040" $26.95
1.75" x .030" $25.95
1.75" x .040" $29.95

Back Sinew

$5.95 Each
I've heard of back biting but this is ridiculous.

Leg Sinew
When you process sinew it looks like this

Deer Leg Sinew

$3.95 Each

BB 004
72" Bamboo Backing Strips
This is heat treated bamboo and can take a stain.
Liquid shoe polish works good.


BB 010
Hickory Backing Strips
Hickory has been used to back English longbows since the 1500's


Rawhide Backing
Long enough to complete one bow

Solid Hickory Longbow Built Using a Rudder Bow Kit - Part 1
Solid Hickory Longbow Built Using a Rudder Bow Kit - Part 2

Takedown Sleeve
4" x 1 1/2" x 1 3/16"
4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/16"

BB 002
Copperhead Backing Cloth


BB 001
Diamondback Backing Cloth


Osage Orange Staves
We have a good selection of staves

English Longbow Horn Nocks


Horn Block

1" x 1.5" x 2.25"
Make Horn Nocks Overlays Thumbrings & Arrow Nocks


Glue Up Board Kit
Glue Up Board Kit
2" x 3/4" x72"
Hickory backing with your choice of belly
Eastern red cedar, red elm, hickory, black locust, black walnut


Hickory Flatbow kit
Hickory Flatbow kit
1 Pc stave 1 3/4" x 68"
Excellent floor tillered and ready to finish


Osage Orange and Bamboo Kit
Osage Orange and Bamboo Kit


Osage Orang Flatbow Kit
Osage Orang Flatbow Kit
1 Pc stave 1 3/4" x 66"
Leather grip and tillering string


Premium Osage Orange Staves
Premium Osage Orange Staves
slpit from large trees and sealed
58" to 70" long
These make great character bows - one growth ring must be followed


Premium Hickory Staves
Premium Hickory Staves
Cut from large trees and sealed
Take the bark off and you don't have to follow one growth ring
Excellent staves 58" to 70"


Premium Eastern Red Cedar Staves
Premium Eastern Red Cedar Staves
These make great sinew-backed bows
70" long


Liquid Hyde Glue
The same glue our ancestors used - not waterproof
Great for laminating wood and sinew backing bows
8 Oz


Titebond II
Premium Wood Glue
Great for laminating and backing wood bows

TiteBond III
titebond 3
Titebond III
All wood glues need to air dry


Bow Tip Overlay


Unibond Adhesive
This adhesive does not need a hot box


Bow Grip Epoxy Glue
Great for laminating various woods, bamboo , linen and silk.
Does not need a hot box
Dries in 12 hours at 80 degrees
or minimum of 70 degrees


EA40 Smooth-On
Bow Glue
2 Pints Mix 50 - 50
This is the most popular bowyers epoxy. It works well with fiberglass, wood on wood or bamboo.

Bow Building Tools

Spring Scale
15 - 90 Lbs
This a Handy-Andy Scale


Happy Face Digital Bow Scale
The Most Accurate Scale
On The Market Today


Tillering Stick

If a knave
to tiller
a stave
a tillering stick
will do
the trick

10" Draw Knife Scraper


5" Combo Draw Knife Scraper


Farrier's Rasp


Smooth Scraper


Toothing Scraper
Makes little grooves that give more surface to glue


Curved Scraper
Removes Fine Shavings


Leather Shelf Rest

Riser Rest

Shelf Rest
Here's a minimal style shelf rest that I make using the leather shelf material below.
Cut a 3/16" wide piece and glue it on your riser.
This minimal shelf will keep your arrow from slapping the wood and yet create very little friction on the arrow.

Leather Shelf Rest
Self Sticking
Cut To Any Shape
Black Only


6103 X
Leather Wrap Bowgrip
Self Sticking
Forms to Any Shaped Grip
Black or Tan
1" x 30"


Rubber Roll-up Grip
Used For Take-down Bows


BearPaw Arrow Side Rest
Left or Right
Used on Hungarian Style Bow to Create a Rest


Bear Hair Rest

moistuer meter for archery bows
Moisture Meter
Range 10% - 28%
9 Volt Battery Not Included


Leather Rest and Spacer
Black or Brown
The spacer elevates the rest
for a cleaner release


This is a picture of "Bandit" my English longbow. I made it from a floor tillered stave.
I made it to draw 51 lbs.
I have taken 16,644 shots at the time of this picture and it still takes 51 Lbs to draw the bow.
A wood stave can make a great bow.
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