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Ishi making archery bow Strings
Ishi "The Last Wild Indian" Making a String

Ishi chewed sinew to make bow strings and to tie arrow heads to the shaft

Notice Ishi's Unique Style

Notice the arrow is on the right side of the bow.
Notice the bow is held at 45 degrees.
Notice the bowhand fingers and thumb create a shelf for the arrow.
Notice the pinch draw.

Adjusting Your String:
To adjust your brace height twist 2 turns for each 1/8"
For instance if you want to raise your brace height from 6" to 7" you must twist your string 16 turns.
Dacron strings will stretch 3 or 4 times when you first put them on. After that they won't stretch anymore.
Flemish twist strings must be turned with the twist of the string or it will unravel.
How To Make a Flemish String

How To Apply Serving To a Bow String

3206 BCY #62
Braided Serving
0.025 Diameter
0.021 Diameter


Serving Material
Nylon Grey


Flemish Twist
Longbow Strings
Available in B50 and Fast Flite

Longbow strings should be 3" shorter than the distance between the nocks
69" - 68" - 67" - 65" - 64" - 63" - 62" - 60" - 59" - 58" - 57"
B50 $21.95
FF $26.95

Flemish Recurve String
Available in B50 and Fast Flite

62" - 58" - 56" - 54" - 51" - 44
Recurve strings should 4" shorter than the distance between the nocks
B50 $21.95
FF $26.95

Large Looped
Horse Bow Strings B50

A 3001
Flemish String Board
Make the exact length string for your bow quick and easy.
2 strings and it pays for itself.


Bearpaw Servers
The Best Server I've Ever Used
100% Positive Tension Control


War Bow Flemish Twist
Black Dacron String
Not Served

$24.95 each

Longbow Black Dacron Strings Not Served
Sizes 73" 69" 65" 57"


Timber Hitch
Black Dacron String
This is a one loop string which can be adjusted to any length with a timber hitch.
Vikings used the timber hitch to adjust their strings.


4243 X
Double Loop Endless Bow String
Slightly Faster Than Flemish Twist Strings
These strings can be used on longbow or recurve.
Longbow Strings Choose 3" Shorter Than AMO
Recurve Strings Choose 4" Shorter Than AMO
Loops Braided Strings Served
14 Strand - 50 Lbs or Below
16 Strand - 50 Lbs or Above
54 56 58 60 62 64 66 67 68"


Navajo String Silencers
Water will run right off Navajo sheep's wool.
2 Pack $21.95

The timber hitch is easy to make. The string simply loops over itself then wraps around itself three times.

Beaver String Silencers
Do ya think beavers can hear under water?

2 pack $7.95

String Groove Silencer
I didn't hear that
Did you hear that?

2 pack $6.95

Ez String Separators
For installing string silencers


Wool String Silencers
Ssshhhh quiet

2 Pack $6.95

BowJax Ultra 2
String Silencers
19 Grains each
Proven to increase arrow speed by 1 to 3 feet per second
Easy installation - just slides on string
4 pack $10.95

Textite Bowstring Wax
Wax is better on your string than in your ears. Wax lubricates the strands of your string and prevents wear around the nocks and it will make your string last longer.


Nature's String Makers Wax
Bee's Wax and Other Natural Ingredients
Very Sticky
Excellent for making Flemish twist strings

Plastic Bow Square
You can set nock point exactly and check your brace height with this bow square


Aluminum Bow Square

B55 String
BCY 55
String Materials
Black White Red
Yellow Green or Blue
1/4 LB Spool


Brownell Fast Flight
1/4 LB Spool
Faster than a speeding bullet - able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.


Universal Nocking Pliers
Can be used to close or re-open nocks for adjustment

string nocks
String Nocks
Brass nocks with rubber cushions
Small Medium or Large

5 Pack $4.95

Saunders Nock Set Pliers
These are my favorites.
The smooth jaws will not scratch the brass nocks.
Can close or open large or small nocks.
Ken Wilhelm
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