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Shopping at Basically Bows Archery has been a great experience. I recently started into archery and decided I really didn't want something that had pulleys and sights and weighed ten pounds - I wanted something that actually looked like a bow that humans have been using for thousands of years, not one that was used in some science fiction epic from 1988. I discovered that meant I liked traditional archery equipment.

So, then I was shopping around everywhere trying to find a place to buy one. I was very surprised to find that the retailer with by far the most extensive inventory of traditional equipment on hand was right in downtown Toronto. Basically Bows not only has a vast selection of traditional bows to purchase, but you can actually hold the thing and check it out. And, once I found out how rewarding and fun it is to make your own equipment (and pretty easy too) I really appreciated all the components I could buy from Gary. Plus he gives very useful advice, too.

The shopping experience is a tad quirky, but that adds to the charm. You're wise to call ahead to make an appointment. Access to the shop isn't exactly typical (you access through the business on the first floor) but it really is unique and it makes the experience more of an experience. The shop itself makes me think of what it would be like to walk into an 18th century shop. Bows hang from everywhere and there are stacks of arrows behind the long wooden counter. And then there's Gary, a guy that would look right at home in that 18th century shop. But a guy that knows a lot about all things archery.

It's always an interesting shopping experience and the selection, quality and pricing cannot be beat. I've bought three bows and dozens of arrows from Gary so far and will be continuing to come back. I highly recommend Basically Bows Archery to anyone interested in traditional archery. And if you can shop in person, so much the better.

Paul Leslie

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